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Boutique 276

Americana Car Air Freshener Diffuser

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Each diffuser is engraved, comes individually packaged in a window box and includes step by step instructions on the back of each box!


Lasting from 1-3 months, these will have your car smelling delicious from home to work and back again.

Freshies smell delicious in all seasons but perform best when they are exposed to some sunlight and warmth (more sun = more scent).

Never place your freshie on a flat surface as the oils may stain or damage the surface. Avoid extreme heat.

Freshies are designed to hang in your vehicle to add a little bit of personality and fragrance to your daily drive. They are made with premium aroma beads and fragrances and can last up to 12 weeks depending on the scent and usage as well as temperatures. They can also be hung anywhere you would like to add some fun too, the bathroom, your closets, kitchen, office or kids rooms the possibilities are yours! They also make great gifts for friends and family!


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